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The Impact of Acne on Quality of Life

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     When a teenager with acne enter in dermatologist's office, he already knows what the diagnosis is! Most often already tried one a few treatments and has a clear goal: he wants to get rid of acne permanently, in a very short time!

     Let us not forget that adolescence coincides with the development of self-image, socialization and sexual maturation. In the current society, in that it puts more emphasis on physical appearance, when we are attacked via the media with perfect faces and perfect bodies, the appearance of pimples is very hard accepted by teenager!
     He could isolate (sits in the house, refuses to see his friends, do not go to normal social events). He/she shows feelings of frustration, shame, anger and self-confidence is deeply affected. Become anxious in dealing with people of the opposite sex, the're shy and afraid of ridicule. Depression and anxiety are common traits to those who suffer from Acne (fear of being watched and evaluated negatively by others).
     I had a patient aged 17 years, who refused to go to school for a year because the lesions of acne! Therefore, if it is not explained and treated in time, acne causes psychological and social changes!
     Acne should not be accepted, you must not resign oneself waiting to go away by itself! Ask a dermatologist!
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