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Acne treatment: tips

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     Avoid eating sweets (chocolate, cake, ice cream, chocolates, refined sugars), exquisite pasta, white rice, milk and derivatives (fermented cheese, whipping cream, sour cream), chips, fast food type products, spicy foods, foods high in iodine or iodine containing drugs (ocean fish, seafood, shellfish, shrimp, green beans, soybeans, iodized salt).
     It pays to make this effort of memory! Rediscover the pleasure of fresh fruit juice, eat raw fruit, green tea, drink enough water daily. Do not wring, do not touch, do not rub the lesions and do not let you do this in the beauty shops!
     Squeezing the lesions cause apparent improvement of the appearance of the face ... After a while, instead of an injury will appear 3 or 5, because infected follicles activates sebum neighbors.
     Will remain on pigmentation spots (Brown) and permanent scars! Complement dermatological treatment, may be recommended and applying masks (very effective are green cambrian clay based masks) or drinking tea (nettle, chicory, Pansy).
     Increasingly more frequently encounter acne in adult people.
     It is hard to accept to have pimples as and adult. Usually there is no endocrinological condition, sexual life is normal (invalidates the myth about the disappearance of acne after the beginning of sexual life). Women are more commonly affected than men and the only key difference is that women use more cosmetics, especially those of camouflage, foundation cream and powder.
     Are more likely those who have had acne in puberty or adolescence, being localized lesions most often around the mouth (perioral).
     Many of the components of cosmetic products can cause pimples: lanolin, vaseline, vegetable oils and mineral pigments.
     You can trigger acne and as a result of exposure at work to various irritants (dust, medicinal substances-medical personnel, chemicals, hydrocarbons, aromatic oils, tars, clorinate), cigarette smoke, etc.
     Neuropsychological stress affects the hormonal balance, favouring the appearance of acne. It describes and acne to chlorine (attention to swimming in the pool and clorinate pool intensely), pimples (mechanical trauma-squeezing, rubbing) detergent, acne (people who wash thier face too often), acne caused by drugs (Corticoids and topical, systemic-anticonvulsants (fenitoin), izoniazide, vitamin B12, anabolic steroids, iodine.
     People with endocrine disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperandrogenism, hypercorticism and early puberty are at increased risk of developing acne (more severe forms and thrashing at standard therapy).
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